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Top 10 Dietetics Clinics in Los Angeles, CA 2016
Axis Clinical Trials has been recognized as one of the top Los Angeles Dietetics practices.
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AXIS represents the center where sub specialties and expertise meet. This large clinical center boasts some of the top experts in California. We specialize in Hepatitis C, Women’s Health, Pediatrics, Vaccines, Rheumatology, and Dermatology just to name a few.

Our experts are professors at UCLA, and physicians at Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Olympia Medical Center, and City of Hope. They are scientists with a large scope of expertise and experience in clinical trials. Our center is defined by its excellence and quality of work.


CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE LIST OF CURRENT CLINICAL TRIALS  If you qualify for any of these studies, compensation can be provided for time and travel. Help us advance medical research. Over the years tens of thousands have volunteered – why not be one of them?

AXIS recognizes that competent and ethical Clinical Research Coordinators are at the core of successful clinical trials. That is why our CRCs are registered nurses, hold Bachelor degrees, and are all IATA CITI certified. We are fortunate to have an excellent Quality Assurance Department on site that ensures constant training and compliance with GCP for all trials. We even have a dietary nutritionist and a dedicated pharmacist on-site.

Our separate Regulatory Department has a turnaround of 24 hours for all documents. Strategically competitive and consistently high enrollers, we are known to be effective in our approach to clinical trials. We are fortunate to have a full time bilingual Spanish/English marketing department on site as well. Our marketing representatives maintain a constant presence within TV, radio, print, and online media. They are also known for their strong community ties through health fairs and alliances with various local foundations.

AXIS Clinical Trials is reputed for its Phase 1 inpatient and outpatient capacities. Our Phase 1 facility allows for a 60 subject in-patient dosing at any given day. It stands out for its comfort as well as state of the art medical equipment.